Civil War in the area

7th Earl of Derby

The Civil War took place between 1642 and 1651, at a time when the monarchy in England had absolute power. The Parliamentarians opposed King Charles I whilst the Royalists were loyal to him.

People in Wigan were Royalists during the Civil War. The Earl of Derby, one of the largest landowners in the county, had great influence in Wigan and as commander of the King’s forces in the North West he made Wigan his headquarters. Wiganers were however defeated by the Parliamentarians. Once the monarchy was restored in 1660, a monument was erected on Wigan Lane in 1679 to mark the place where Sir Thomas Tyldesley, a Major General commanding Royalist Troops, fell. Following further unease about the monarchy and Catholic King James II, nobles called William III of Orange from the Netherlands to invade and oust James II. His success caused James II to flee England and in 1696 Wigan was at the centre of the unsuccessful Lancashire plot to restore James II to the throne in England.

In Leigh, there was division during the Civil War with some loyal to the king and others Parliamentarians. A battle was fought in the town on 2nd December 1642 when the Royalists lost. The Abrahams of Abram were Royalists and were ruined as a result of being defeated by the Parliamentarians.